Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A hymn to the Sun

Nielsen's glorious hymn to the sun. "Helios Overture" has been a favourite work of mine since I first heard it in 1978. Recently I have re-examined Nielsen's music especially as regards the symphonies and the concertos. New discoveries are his wonderful 'Wind Quintet', the complete string quartets and the opera "Maskarade" which is absolutely glorious music.......tuneful and full of great humour! Nielsen ranks high on my list of very favourite composers.....perhaps one of the top three! There is an excellent 6 disc set of the symphonies on the Dacapo label from Denmark. It can be ordered through your neighbourhood Naxos retailer. The first three CD's are all the symphonies; the fourth disc us a SACD of his best loved orchestral music and the last two discs are DVD live performances of the symphonies. HEARTILY RECOMMENDED!

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  1. I missed you terribly. Welcome back.

    thank you for what you do.